Recipes by Country


Caramel Slices
Deep-Fried Baby Artichokes in Crispy Batter
Drunken Potatoes
Raspberry Friands
Rosemary Lamb Chops


Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)
Linzer Sables


Beef with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce
Xihongshi Chao Jidan (Stir-Fried Tomato and Eggs)


Pan-Fried Cuban Snapper with Garlic and Sour-Orange Sauce
Ultimate Mojito

Czech Republic

Koláče (Kolaches - Czech Sweet Yeast Rolls)


Mujaddara with Egyptian Tomato Sauce


Finnish Salmon Casserole


Aïgo Bouïdo (Garlic Soup)
Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Stew in Red Wine, with Bacon, Onions, and Mushrooms)
Bouchons au Thon (Tuna Corks)
Butter-Poached Radishes
Cardoon Gratin
Epinards a la Crème (Creamed Spinach)
Fricassée de Poulet à l’Ancienne (Old-Fashioned Chicken Fricassee with Wine-Flavored Cream Sauce, Onions, and Mushrooms)
Macarons Amande et Chocolat (Almond and Chocolate Macarons)
Mocha Pots de Crème
Pommes de Terre au Reblochon (Twice Baked Potatoes with Reblochon Cheese)
Porc aux Champignons (Pork with Mushrooms)
Sole Meunière
Tarte au Citron (Lemon Tart)
Tarte au Pommes (French Apple Tart)
Tomates de Vigne au Sainte Maure (Roasted Tomatoes with Sainte Maure Cheese)
Vichyssoise (Cold Leek and Potato Soup)


Apfelkuchen (Apple Cake)
Bayerisches Sauerkraut (Bavarian Sauerkraut)
Bratwurst in Biersoße (Bratwurst in Beer Sauce)
Kartoffelklöße (German Potato Dumplings)
Lachsfleckerln (Baked Noodles with Salmon)
Rotkohl (Braised Red Cabbage)
Sauerbraten (German Sour Pot Roast)
Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat (Swabian-Style German Potato Salad)
Schwartzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake)
Spätzle (German Egg Noodles)
Woihinkelche (Chicken in Riesling with White Grapes)


Baklava Bars
Baklava Cups
Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice, Zucchini, and Herbs)
Greek Roast Chicken with Caper Butter, Roast Lemons, and Skordalia
Keftehes (Greek Meatballs)


Arroz Guatemalteco (Guatemalan Rice)
Jugo de Fresa con Leche (Strawberry Milk)
Licuado de Mango (Mango Smoothie)
Platanos en Mole (Plantains in Mole Sauce)
Pollo en Crema con Loroco (Aura Cameron's Stewed Chicken with Loroco Flower)


Gulyás (Beef Goulash)
Paprikás Csirke (Hungarian Paprika Chicken)
Stuffed Cabbage Leaves with Paprika Tomato Sauce


Chicken Shahi Korma
Gobi Masala (Spiced Cauliflower)
Lamb and Fava Bean Curry
Saag Paneer (Spinach with Indian Cheese)
Spiced Saffron Rice
Yellow Mung Dal Soup


Baked Codfish with Irish Cheese Crust
Cabbage with Bacon and Cream
Guinness Lamb Shanks
Irish Beef Stew


Chicken Florentine Style
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato
Fennel Baked in Cream
Lasagne Bolognese with Spinach


Jamaican Curry Goat
Jamaican Peas and Rice


Asparagasu no Goma Ae (Japanese Asparagus with White Sesame Seeds)
Daigaku Imo (Caramelized Sweet Potatoes)
Gobo in Vinegar
Horensou no Ohitashi (Japanese Spinach with Bonito Flakes)
Omuraisu (Japanese Rice Omelet)
Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)
Simmered Pumpkin
Soy Turnip
Sushi/Sushi Rice
Teriyaki Scallops
Tōsutogoma Shio to Uzura no Tamago (Japanese Quail Eggs with Toasted Sesame Salt)
Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Cakes with Teriyaki Sauce)


Odeng Bokkeum (Korean Spicy Fish Cake)
Tteokbokki (Korean Spicy Rice Cake)
Yangnyeom Tak (Korean Chicken in Sauce)


Farareej Mashwi (Lebanese Lemon Chicken)
Kousa Mahshi (Lebanese Stuffed Globe Zucchini)
Warm Lentil Salad


Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Punch)
Beans with Pork
Camarones con Pipián Verde (Shrimp with Simple Pumpkin Seed Sauce)
Mexican Grilled Corn
Mole Negro Oaxaqueño con Pollo (Oaxacan Black Mole with Braised Chicken)
Refried Beans
Tamales Mexicanos de Puerco en Chile Colorado y Pollo en Chile Verde (Mexican Tamales with Red Chile Pork and Green Chile Chicken)
Torte de Tres Leches con Café (Coffee Infused Three Milks Cake)


Spaghetti Squash with Moroccan Spices
Spicy Moroccan Carrot Salad

Puerto Rico

Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)
Arroz Coqui Coqui (Frog Rice)
Pollo Guisado (Braised Chicken Stew)


Wild Mushroom Beef Stroganoff


Champiñones al Ajillo (Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms)
Mini Frittatas
Paella Mixta (Mixed Spanish Rice)
Pollo con Limón y Ajo (Chicken with Lemon and Garlic)
Tomates Asados con Ajos y Tomillo (Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic and Thyme)


Creamed Cabbage and Red Onion
Swedish Meatballs


Cheese Fondue with Sherry and Cloves


Kaeng Phet Gai (Thai Red Curry Chicken)
Khao Neeo Mamuang (Thai Sticky Rice with Mango)
Phat Phak Kuut (Thai Stir-fried Fiddlehead Fern)
Popia Thot (Thai Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce)


Acma (Soft Turkish Bagels)
Firinda Meyaneli Tavuk (Chicken with White Sauce)
Kaymakli Kayisi (Turkish Cream Filled Apricots)

United Kingdom

Major Grey's Mango Chutney
Toad in the Hole

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