Monday, June 06, 2016

Jugo de Fresa con Leche (Strawberry Milk)

So I recently went to New Jersey to visit a friend of mine who is originally from Guatemala.  I know that seems irrelevant, but stick with me.  She decided she wanted to go strawberry picking, and I gladly accompanied her.  We picked a ton of luscious red berries, so ripe they were on the verge of rot, but at the peak of sweetness.  They were perfection.  But when you have so many strawberries, and their shelf life is about 8 hours, you get really creative in how you're going to stuff every last little bit into your body as fast as possible.  She mentioned strawberry milkshakes, but the kind they make in Guatemala, not the kind we make here with ice cream.  I happily stood aside as she whipped up a batch and then graciously volunteered to taste test.  The whole blender full.  I swear, I think I was turning into a strawberry by the time it was bedtime.

Note:  You can substitute honey for some of the sugar if you like.  My friend says you can also add some ice if you want it more like a smoothie.

Jugo de Fresa con Leche (Strawberry Milk)

8 ounces fresh, ripe strawberries, stems removed, sliced in half if large
1½ cups whole milk
2 to 4 tablespoons granulated sugar

Put all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth.  For a thicker drink, use less milk.  For a thinner drink, use more milk.  Add sugar a little at a time, to taste, based on how sweet the strawberries are.

Makes 2 drinks

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