Sunday, December 24, 2017

Italian Salad Skewers

On Christmas Eve we tend to do a small plate/appetizer menu, allowing everyone to nibble at will.  This means we get to try lots of fun little dishes each year, and honestly, it goes better with that Christmas Eve tipple than a heavy plate of meat and potatoes.  This year I wanted to try something low-carb since we tend to overdo it on the cookie side, and these skewers turned out perfectly.  Plus, they're easy to make, as you buy everything pretty much ready to go.

Italian Salad Skewers

16 cherry tomatoes, different colors if possible
16 slices Genoa salami, folded in quarters to form a fan
16 cubes smoked provolone, each about 1-inch square
16 pitted green olives
16 thin slices prosciutto
16 marinated mozzarella balls, reserving remaining seasoned olive oil in container
16 wedges roasted red pepper
16 marinated artichoke heart quarters
16 pitted Kalamata olives

Using wooden cocktail picks, thread the ingredients onto the pick in the order listed: first cherry tomato, then salami fan, then smoked provolone, then green olive, then a mozzarella ball wrapped in prosciutto, then roasted red pepper, then artichoke heart, then Kalamata olive.  Lay the skewers out on a tray, and spoon over some of the marinated olive oil so that the skewers are evenly seasoned.

Makes 16 skewers

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