Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fried State Fair Food

Today I went to the Texas State Fair and absolutely stuffed myself with the grossest/awesomest fried food concoctions EVER.  I have to admit I had never had a corny dog before this point in time (does that mean I have to give up my adopted Texan status??), but I now must say they are awesome.  I of course procured mine from Fletcher's and smothered it in mustard.  The fried dough was crunchy on the outside, but soft and cornbread-like on the inside.  The hot dog inside was beefy and hot.  I have never been one to put mustard on my hot dog, but this one just seems to cry out for it.  I can't imagine using anything else.

I also decided that I needed to try the fried Frito pie.  It was...underwhelming.  I'm not saying I won't eat it again, but I certainly loved the corny dog more.  Much more.  The corny dog is now my go-to fair staple.  The chili was mixed up in a batter and fried into little nuggets.  Then they give you a little packet of sour cream and a packet of salsa on the side to eat with the Frito pie nuggets.

Later in the afternoon I was talked into trying another fair favorite: the fried Snickers bar.  This thing is evil.  It's so incredibly chewy and melty and sugary and fatty that you almost go into a coma eating it.  You want to keep eating it even though you can feel every artery clogging at the same time.  God bless you, fried Snickers.

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